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Intellicast National Radar Image

The current forecast. Click image for better view.


Hurricane Weather Links

National Hurricane Center - tropical prediction center for hurricanes and cyclones
Stormpulse Tropical Weather Information - lots of great images
Tropical Weather Information - tons of info and pictures of latest tropical information
Hurricane Watch Net - info on active hurricanes
Hurricane Models and History - lots of info, can show history of hurrican landfalls by year
Atlantic Basin Tropical Weather Page - access to many images and historical info

General Weather Links

U.S. Navy NOGAPS Weather Forecast - animated weather model
Intellicast for 23168 Zip Code - Intellicast forecast for Toano, links to other information
Dominion Power's Power Outage Website - useful during storms
NOAA - National Weather Service - national weather information and alerts
Norfolk Navy Weather - information from the Navy's Norfolk operations area
Unisys Weather - Unisys weather information
Wakefield NOAA Radar and Website - weather info for south eastern Virginia - The Weather Channel
Weather Matrix - The Largest Online Weather Community
Weather Underground - large online weather community, highly configurable information

Interesting Tool

Very interesting tool. It can do some interesting stuff. Could be useful for UHF/VHF, APRS, not to mention a rocket or balloon.

To get the full picture, click on "curved Earth" and then check the box "show grade". Then zoom in and click one point (such as where you live), then zoom out. Then find a place you are trying to "talk" to, or are curious about. Zoom in, click the spot.

Once you are done, click "Draw Profile".

Hit "Clear" to clear the current two points and start again. You can click more than two points, and it sets each "path" to a different color for each leg, from point-to-point.

The profile will then show you the terrain grade between those two (or more) points. In the extra class book there are graphs that show the earth falls away approximately 20' for every 5 miles traveled. You really see that with this tool.

It is very cool that you can switch to "Satellite" or "Hybrid" to really dial in on locations. I was able to click right where I have my antennas.

At this point, go have fun with the tool and see what you learn. Or you are welcome to read on about some interesting stuff I found out.


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